April 21, 2010

A Hat Fit for a Queen - Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth

Girls Wearing Hats would like to say "Happy Birthday" to Queen Elizabeth II. She was born April 21st 1926 which would make her 34 years old today, or wait I guess she is 84 :) but 34 in heart! This woman has been caught wearing some of the finest hats that we've seen. And since we are all about Girls Wearing Hats then we'll take a look at what this royal figure has flaunted over the years.
Elizabeth Alexandra Mary is the queen regnant over 16 sovereign states which are known as Commonwealth realms.

She began her reign on February 6th 1952

It is fantastic to see all the colorful and unique hats that the queen has worn over the years.

Queen Elizabeth is always color coordinated and you will usually find a nice pendant on her left shoulder.

Queen Elizabeth is not one for personal interviews and she rarely shares her feelings
The solid colors that she wears tell us that she takes great pride in her position.

She is a very private woman. Forbes has estimated her net worth over $450 million dollars

Her hats are both functional and fashionable often protecting her from the sun and adorned with flowers

During the 1970's it seemed like the queen's hats were much smaller

Britain's queen has been a long standing woman of many wonders. Her Majesty inspires fashion and brings a bold touch of leadership to women around the world.


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