April 22, 2010

Earthy Girls Wearing Hats - Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Not sure if this day is to celebrate the age of the third rock or just to promote keeping it green and free from pollution. Since there is much debate on how many years our planet has been in existance, we'll lean toward a slightly less controversial pollution free trend. So without further ado I present "Earthy Girls Wearing Hats!"
The criteria here for earthy girls is pretty broad. It could be chicks that are wearing hats made from natural materials such as hemp...

...could be the greener type echo-friendly, don't use hairspray type

We'll even go as far as to include the shabby chic look with deep earth tones for a fashion sense.

Oh and lets not forget the hippie culture...or hippie has beens.

Even these natural type girls can find a hat that fits their style. Sometimes simple is sexy.

Bohemian gals always know how to get their hat on

So this Boho lady just couldn't stand wearing pants with the hat but she has the free spirit of the earth giving her the o.k. to do as she pleases!

Lots of the earthy females love accenting their style with a knit cap. These are also pretty good for keeping warm and hiding a ton of hair or other controband inside of.

Oh and here is the very popular floppy hat. This trend has come full circle and now even top celebrities can be found sporting this wide brim sun shade

Looks like a thimble, she may be waiting for a kiss from Peter Pan

Straw hats, yeah that is pretty echo friendly!

Again with the knit. Modern Day Hippie Girl with an Urban Librarian twist

Authentic hippie girl wearing a floppy hat

Free spirit, straw boater hat girl with a leafy bug tattoo

I'm going to leave you with this fabulous hemp hat, very cool, very earth & very cute!

Hope your Earth Day was a success, I just wish this holiday involved opening gifts.

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