April 29, 2010

More Than Just a Gambling Good Time

Primarily about Thoroughbred race horses, the Kentucky Derby is an annual event held in Louisville, Kentucky.  Most people consider this to be the most prestigious race in the world of horse racing.  It has become tradition for the ladies to wear elaborate hats to the Kentucky Derby.

These hats are often unique to say the least.

There is an "infield" section of the race that is considered to be for socializing and partying. Most of these "infield" general addmission tickets won't even have a view of the race!

The grand stands are often filled with the rich & the famous also known as Millionaire's Row.

The Floppy Hat is among the most common derby hat as it is fitting for the first Saturday in May which is the usual date for the race.

I'm curious if you have to pay for an extra ticket if your pompous hat is extra large! Some of these hats are down right wacky!

Flower, Feathers, tule & much more can be found embelishing girls' hats at the Kentucky Derby.

It is obvious that comfort is not a priority when it comes to Derby day.
Its amazing how color coordinated some of these girls are

Barbie is such a great roll model...

This lady is wearing the Cruella de Vil hat
Something exploded on the girls hat
Many bets are placed at horse races. Without gambling involved I am not sure how popular the sport would be.

The Kentucky Derby is always a great time to gather with girlfriends
Then you'll be able to ague over who wore the best hat for at least 365 days

Check out the famous spires in the background and then buy the salt and pepper shakers below!

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